The Parapluie Français, a beautiful tricolour story, between a daugther and her mother

This is the beginning of a sweet collaboration between Catherine and Claire...

For several years, the two women have aspired to work on a joint project which would showcase their love of French fashion and of products which are made locally, in France. Catherine has worked on and designed collections for the family-run “Guy de Jean” brand for around thirty years, while Claire’s childhood lullaby was the gentle pitter-patter of rain. As such, the idea of launching a new collection of umbrellas, for her and for him, combining tradition and elegance whilst maintaining a 100% French touch came to light. All products are made in our Bourgogne workshop in Donzy by an enthusiastic and expert team, who are committed to putting all of their savoir-faire into this new venture for your delectation. The “Parapluie Français”, (the French Umbrella) is a beautiful story between a mother and her daughter, in tricolor…

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